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Citizen’s Assembly: Reproductive Justice, Part 2

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Eugenics and Family panel session – Debbie and Indy are joined by Tracey Loughran and Sakina Ballard to explore questions and topics posed by the different citizen assembly community groups around reproductive justice.

A note from the curator:

‘Some of the content of this session tells personal histories that some audiences may find upsetting. We commend the courage of those who shared their personal experiences around this. Some of the comments during this assembly were at times quite challenging and passionately argued, and it is important to emphasise that the purpose of this citizen assembly is for us to be challenged, and to empower and learn from the opinions of the participants representing different communities, and so we very much welcome these views. After this session we agreed that in dialogue with our citizen assembly leads that we will expand these discussions, bringing in more perspectives (particularly on this theme those around black reproductive justice) in a follow up session – to be announced shortly.’


  • Indy Bhullar

  • Debbie Challis