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2nd & 3rd Congress: Part 2, Panel 4

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Panel 4 | “How we reckon: A look at reckonings around the different characters of the Second and Third Congress, and what we/they can learn from this” Eugenics has been by and large discredited as a science, but the names, memories and influences of the eugenicists that helped to instigate such a movement, still occupy our public places, our university buildings, our state buildings, and our institutional legacies. This unprecedented panel, will share the experiences of different institutions grappling with their own legacies of different eugenicists present at the Second and Third Congress. This is preceded by a collective discussion, chaired by Marcy Darnovsky, between those who have been directly involved in such reckonings. They share the lessons learnt from such experiences, and make practical suggestions for reckoning processes in other similarly placed institutions.