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Unpacking Galton, Bloomsbury and UCL and the Birth of Eugenics

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Subhadra Das, former curator of the Galton Collection over the last 10 years, guides us through the foundations of eugenics, Galton, UCL and Bloomsbury. She takes us into the vaults of UCL to gain a first hand experience of some of the original artefacts relating to Francis Galton. She then explains how UCL has sought to educate around and confront this legacy, through different public engagement events leading up to the UCL Eugenics Inquiry. Subhadra is then joined by the science journalist/author Angela Saini, author of the acclaimed ‘Superior: The Return of Race Science’, and Nora Groce, director of the Leonard Cheshire chair of disability research. They discuss the internationalisation of eugenics’ journey, from its foundations in the shady labs of UCL to an international movement that has subjected millions to unprecedented suffering, and which, in science, public health and society’s attitudes to the marginalised, refuses to go away to this day.