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Transformative Strategies for Non-Eugenic Futures

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Featuring movement leaders, scholars and practitioners who are deconstructing and dismantling eugenics through new practices and traditions that are audacious and change setting.  Dawn Wooten, LPN, also known as the ICE Whistleblower of the Irwin County Detention Center; Dr. Michelle Morse of Equal Health; Merle McGee, Chief Equity Engagement Officer of Planned Parenthood of Greater NY; Sahar Aziz, Professor of Law at Rutgers Law School; and moderator Tamika Middleton of Winds of Change Consulting & JustGeorgia, will speak to movement building strategies and community-led interventions that dare to  interrupt the erasure of those most impacted by eugenics.


  • Tamika Middleton

    Tamika is an organizer, doula, midwifery apprentice, writer, and unschooling mama who is passionate about and active in struggles that affect Black women’s lives. Tamika has organized for abolition, reproductive justice, and for domestic workers’ rights. She is a consultant with Winds of Change Consulting, and a founding member of the Metro Atlanta Mutual Aid (MAMA) Fund and JustGeorgia. She serves as a Community Advisory Board member of Critical Resistance, a Leadership Team member of the Kindred Southern Healing Justice Collective and as treasurer of OHRD.

  • Sahar Aziz

  • Merle McGee

    Merle McGee has worked with communities impacted by criminal justice, immigration and other experiences of disenfranchisement. She has extensive experience in youth development, racial justice and gender equity work. She is passionate about building multiracial inter-generational teams that foster humanistic communities. She is co-facilitator with the Anti-Racist Alliance and the co-founder of the BIPoC Project, a collective for people of color devoted to healing practices and dismantling racism and anti-blackness. Merle teaches Race in Organization course at NYU’s Wagner School of Public Service. She holds a B.F.A. from New York University and a M.S. in Non-Profit Management New School University.
  • Michelle Morse

    Dr. Morse is Founding Co-Director of EqualHealth and Assistant Program Director for the Internal Medicine Residency at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Dr. Morse co-founded EqualHealth (www.equalhealth.org), an organization that aims to inspire and support the development of Haiti’s next generation of healthcare leaders through transforming medical and nursing education and creating opportunities for Haitian health professionals to thrive. She works to strengthen medical education globally, expand the teaching of social medicine in the US and abroad, and to support health systems strengthening through EqualHealth. In 2015 Dr. Morse worked with several partners to found the Social Medicine Consortium, a global coalition of over 700 people representing over 50 universities and organizations in twelve countries, which seeks to use activism and disruptive pedagogy rooted in the practice and teaching of social medicine to address the miseducation of health professionals on the root causes of illness. In 2018, Dr. Morse was named as a Soros Equality Fellow and will be working on a global Campaign Against Racism during the fellowship.
  • Dawn Wooten

    Dawn Wooten, LPN, also known as the ICE Whistleblower, brought attention to the conditions and procedures that led to sterilization abuse of female immigrants at a privately-owned Detention Facility in Georgia in 2020. She risked her life and career by fighting to ensure that Women’s Human Rights are not abused or violated when in government custody. Dawn is a single mother with five children, and hails from rural Georgia. She is pursuing her Nursing Degree as a RN/BSN to further educate women how to protect themselves from medical abuses.