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Osborn’s Opening Address

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Concluding the day, we open with a recital of Henry Osborn’s opening address of the Second International Eugenics Congress, before host Milton Reynolds, summarises and threads together the themes and talking points of the day. He then brings back those who have been chairs throughout the day to reflect once more, in the light of the discussions, upon the address. Finally, Milton Reynolds draws to a conclusion the day’s proceedings, by asking the different chairs for their key takeaways from this critical moment in challenging eugenics globally.


  • Milton Reynolds

    Milton Reynolds is a San Francisco Bay Area based career educator, author, equity and inclusion consultant and activist. His activism has been devoted to disrupting systems of racial injustice with a focus on juvenile justice reform, law enforcement accountability, environmental justice, youth development, educational transformation and disability justice. His efforts are devoted to creating a more just world in which all people are valued and treated with dignity.

    Milton’s publications include a chapter in Seeing Race Again: Countering Colorblindness across the Disciplines, Handbook of Social Justice in Education and one in the recently released Leading in the Belly of the Beast.