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Yanina Chicas: Poetry Space

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Explore the powerful poetry of rising poets Makai Brown, Yanina Chicas, Jaxsyn Claymore, Wahpe Clifford, Maia Sanaa Eaton, Mikayla Johnson, Belise Nishimwe, Pte San Win Little Whiteman, and Autumn White Eyes.



Artist Bio
Yanina Chicas Headshot

Yanina Chicas, a proud first-generation Salvadoran American is a DC based poet who attends the Maret School. She is a Scholastic Art and Writing Award Gold Key Recipient, a member of the 2021 Words Beats Life poetry slam team and a DC Scores Alum. While participating with DC Scores she won the 2016 Westside Poetry Slam Shine Award. She also partakes in their annual Our Words Our City which appears on Amazon Video. Her piece entitled “Ache” was published in the 2019 Inlight Magazine. Also, her poem Español has been published in an upcoming anthology collection by ArtChangeUs (Duke University Press, 2021). Yanina not only enjoys speaking about the world through poetry but also loves to capture it through photography. In the future, she would love to continue to help the latinx community by being a voice for them through poetry or becoming a lawyer assisting our latinx immigrants.