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Wahpe Waste Win: Poetry Space

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Explore the powerful poetry of rising poets Makai Brown, Yanina Chicas, Jaxsyn Claymore, Wahpe Waste Win, Maia Sanaa Eaton, Mikayla Johnson, Belise Nishimwe, Pte San Win Little Whiteman, and Autumn White Eyes.



Artist Bio
Wahpe Clifford Headshot

Wahpe Waste Win is an interdisciplinary artist from the Badlands of South Dakota. She travels across the country as a Performing Artist, honoring her Indigenous roots and values. When she’s not behind the drum set on stage, Wahpe mentors music workshops for the youth within her community.

Her work is centered around personal experiences and inner conflict, as well as spreading awareness on social issues. She hopes to help create more visibility and representation for Indigenous people, honored to show how her and her peers continue to thrive.