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Judy Tate: Haunted Files

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Haunted Files
By Judy Tate & THE LATE Michael Slade
Dir. by Melissa Maxwell
Producer & Sound Designer: Simone Barros
Videographer, Audio Engineer & Editor: Zachary Betonte

​In 1904, a young black infant named Hazel is left on a doorstep. She is taken in by a family from whom she later runs away. Thus begins an odyssey of arrests, institutionalization, and medical intervention — all in an effort to cure her of “immorality.” Characters are real people from the files of the Eugenics Records Office in Cold Spring Harbor. Post-Show Conversation: “Good Genes” and America’s Quest for Racial Purity with Jack Tchen (he/him) and Leora Fuller (she/her) the original curators of The Haunted Files exhibition.



Artist Bio

Judy Tate, is a four-time Daytime Emmy Award winning writer and WGA award recipient. She has written scripts and story for several TV shows and her plays have been produced and presented in theatres around the country. She’s the Producing Artistic Director of The American Slavery Project, a theatrical response to revisionism in American discourse around enslavement and its aftermath. She is also Founding Artistic Director of Stargate Theatre, a work-readiness theatre program developed at Manhattan Theatre Club in which justice involved young men, write, rehearse and perform an original work on one of MTC’s stages to develop their voices and pro-social skills. She teaches at NYU, Drew University, Manhattan Theatre Club, Theatre Development Fund and Harlem Dramatic Writers Workshop.