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Juba Kalamka: Along Came Daystrom


Join bisexual artist/activist Juba Kalamka for an electronic hip-hop exploration of Black experiences of disability, sex work, policing and mental health.


Written, arranged and composed by Juba Kalamka
Boermann Sixgirl (BMI)
recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Juba Kalamka
at Frank Lee School, Oakland, CA USA  June 2013

From the Juba Kalamka album “Codeswitchings [Black Things Tomorrow?]

(sugartruck recordings, November 2014)

©2014 Juba Kalamka

Artist Bio
Juba Kalamka Headshot

Bisexual artist/activist Juba Kalamka is most recognized for his work with performance troupes Sins Invalid and Mangos With Chili and as co-founder/producer of the queer hip hop group Deep Dickollective (D/DC). His writing appears in numerous journals and anthologies including The Yale Anthology of Rap (2010),Queer and Trans Artists of Color: The Stories of Some of Our Lives (2014) Recognize: The Voices of Bisexual Men (2015) and Hustling Verse: An anthology of Sex Workers’ Poetry (2019). His first full length poetry anthology,Son of Byford will be published by Nomadic Press in 2022.