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Joselyn Kaxhyêk Borrero: Honoring Indigenous Women

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A Film by Joselyn Kaxhyêk Borrero naming and honoring 100 Indigenous Women. This micro-commission for the Park Avenue Armory’s “100 Years | 100 Women” project is a video tribute to Indigenous Women artists, scholars, and activists, who, as they navigate the current world health crisis, continue to be dedicated to women’s empowerment and the pursuit of gender and racial equality. “100 Indigenous Women” is produced in collaboration with the Kasibahagua Taíno Cultural Society and Roberto Múkaro Borrero.


Music: “Taíno Directions Song”, performed by Kasibahagua Taíno Cultural Society, written by Roberto Mukaro Borrero
“Daka Naboria”, performed by Kasibahagua Taíno Cultural Society, written by Roberto Mukaro Borrero
“Lamentation of the Great Sun Chief”, written by Roberto Mukaro Borrero
“Women’s Warrior Song”, performed by Joselyn Kaxhyêk Borrero, written by Martina Pierre
Performed by Kasibahagua members: Michelle Marti Lopez, Milagros Rodriguez, and Lourdes Kalichi’naru Lebron
Special thanks to the 100 Indigenous Women Participants

Artist Bio
Joselyn Kaxhyêk Borrero Headshot

Joselyn Kaxhyêk Borrero is an Indigenous (Native American) Woman in technology and an artist. She has acquired dynamic IT experience over the span of two decades. In the late 90s, she taught herself how to build websites and went on to become A+ Certified and a Microsoft Certified Professional. Her professional background includes working for Odawa Native Friendship Center, International Indian Treaty Council, and the Indigenous Peoples Major Group on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, among others. Today, Joselyn holds her Master of Science in Information Technology and aspires to continue her educational path toward her Ph.D. She is keenly interested in having a direct impact on the solid virtual presence of Indigenous Peoples. Joselyn is a proud Tlingit, from the Dakl’áweidi (Eagle/Killerwhale) clan. She is a member of the Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska (CCTHITA) and the Teslin Tlingit Council (TTC).

Joselyn is from Teslin, Yukon, Canada, and currently resides in New York. Featured in Google Earth’s, Celebrating Indigenous Languages layer, Joselyn is dedicated to continuing to learn, preserve, and promote her Indigenous Tlingit language and foster its growth through the evolution of technology. Joselyn also loves weaving Ravenstail, working with cedar bark, and creating intricate beadwork. Her artwork has been exhibited at the United Nations and can be viewed on her Facebook artist page.