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Cal Hunt: Black

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Cal Hunt explores the infinite dimensions of blackness through movement.


Music: Santan Dave

Artist Bio
Cal Hunt Headshot

My name is Calvin Hunt (Cal for short) and I was born in Brooklyn NY. I began dancing at age 5 and have been in my current style (FlexN) for 14 years. Following my debut at the Park Avenue Armory in the FLEXN show, I began touring with “THE D.R.E.A.M. (Dance Rules Everything Around Me) Ring” in Manchester-England, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Italy and other countries. After recently dancing at the Paris Opera (Opera National de Paris) in an opera called “Les Indes Galantes,” I aim to show the world more of my life through dance. Dance is special to me because I believe it expresses what we sometimes find hard to communicate with words , it’s a language that brings us together. Blessings and respect.