Sofiya Cheyenne

Snapshot of Sofiya Cheyenne
Sofiya Cheyenne is a Performing Artist, Teaching Artist and Disability Advocate/Consultant. She has appeared on TV shows such as TrueTV’s “At Home With Amy Sedaris”, Netflix’s “StartUP” and Amazon’s “Loudermilk.” Her favorite theatre credits include The Briefly Dead at 59E59, Other World at Bucks County Playhouse, and Guys and Dolls at Theater Under The Stars. Sofiya strongly believes in using the arts as a way to challenge societal norms. She continually invests herself & creates projects that open peoples’ minds to know people with disabilities can have an equal chance on the stage, television and film. She has co written a play “The Gene Lottery” with Kristy Dodson and has played actor, writer, producer and director in two films of her films; “You’re Up” and “Inspiring Women” as part of the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge. All of her projects hope to break barriers, create social change and amplify the little person’s experience. Sofiya is a passionate educator and public speaker, she has been teaching theatre arts throughout New York City for over 10 years. Sofiya is also the Inclusion Director of Little People of America, Co-Chair of The Dwarf Artist Coalition and part of the Access Advisory Council for ART NY and Disability Working Group with the National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers. In all of her work she continually advocates for people of short stature and disabilities on and off the stage.