Ottis Smith

Headshot of Ottis Smith
I’m an African American digital artist out of California as well as a person living with a disability. He completed his AA at Long Beach city college in Communications. Since then, he became an autodidact. Studying how western society evolved from its Greek foundation to contemporary modernism. Smith has also written and illustrated four comic books and currently working on his fifth. The fifth which features a disabled anti-hero who shares a similar story to his own. His main motivation for starting comic books specifically those which are African centered, is to counter the negative images of how blackness is depicted. Smith is a contributor to Krip-Hop nation, and is one of the four key speakers on Black Disabled Men speak podcast. Prior to Covid-19 lockdown Smith volunteered at the African American Museum of Beginnings in Pomona Ca where he also studied aspects of black history which often goes undiscussed.