Naima Penniman

Headshot of Naima Penniman

Naima Penniman is a freedom-forging futurist rooted in her ancestors’ brilliance. She is a devotee of seeds, a soulful story teller, a multidimensional artist, movement builder, medicine grower, healer, and educator. Life-long lover and defender of the Earth, Naima dedicates her creativity and community-building skills to regenerate practices towards planetary interdependence. She serves as the Program Director at SOUL FIRE FARM, where she equips a returning generation of Black, Brown and Indigenous farmers with the skills needed to reclaim leadership in the food system and chart dignified futures in relationship to land. She is the Co-Founder of WILDSEED, a BIPOC-led, land-based community focused on ecological collaboration, transformative justice, and intergenerational responsibility. Published in All We Can Save, We Are Each Other’s Harvest, Farming While Black, and Semillas, Naima is a visionary poet whose performances have inspired thousands of people and movements across the world through the groundbreaking work of CLIMBING POETREE. Originating member of the Black healers collective, HARRIET’S APOTHECARY, and founder of the Haitian resilience project, AYITI RESURRECT, Naima is devoted to cultivating collaborations that elevate the healing of our earth, our bodies, our communities, lineages and descendants.