September 28, 2021

4:00 pm - 6:15 pm

Symposium: 2nd & 3rd Congress: Part 2, Panel 3

Subhadra Das Rosemarie Garland-Thomson Miranda Lowe Meredith Peruzzi Dr. Alexandra Stern


Panel 3 | “How we learn: Looking at why it was a natural history museum that twice played host to the epicentre of international eugenics”

Subhadra Das, former curator of the Galton Collection, Miranda Lowe, Principal Curator of Natural History Museum, London, Meredith Perruzi, director of the National Deaf Life Museum, and the renowned disability studies scholar, Rosemarie Garland-Thomson take us on an exhibit tour to the Hall of the Age of Man, to help frame a discussion around the role cultural institutions such as the AMNH have played in the eugenics movement, and the role that such institutions now play or should be playing in this anti-Eugenic moment today and in the future.

Panel 4 | “How we reckon: A look at reckonings around the different characters of the Second and Third Congress, and what we/they can learn from this”
The names, memories and influences of eugenicists still occupy our public places and university and state buildings, and their ideologies and practices still influence many fields of study and policy. This panel will focus on several institutions, fields of study, policy initiatives, and advocacy efforts that have begun to grapple with the legacies of eugenicists who were present at the Second and Third Congress. Chaired by Marcy Darnovsky of the Center for Genetics and Society, the panel will feature a collective discussion among speakers who have been directly involved in such reckonings. They will share the lessons learnt from these experiences, and make practical suggestions for reckoning processes in other similarly placed arenas.

Speakers for Panel 4 include:

•David McIntosh and Rena Heinrich: Madison Grant and California’s State Parks
•Rep. Thomas Stevens: Henry Perkins, the Eugenics Survey, and Vermont’s recent apology
•Zachary Utz and Christopher Donohue: The eugenic legacies of Robert Cook, “expert” for the US Senate and National Institutes of Health during the 1960s
•Alexandra Minna Stern: Current reckonings in Michigan, Indiana, and California


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