September 26, 2021

12:20 pm - 12:45 pm

Pre-Convening Symposium: We Are Not Alone: The Legacies of Eugenics

Prof. Marius Turda

Renowned historian and director of the Centre for Medical Humanities, Marius Turda, provides a snapshot of the themes and teachings of the upcoming exhibition We Are Not Alone: The Legacies of Eugenics which is to be hosted at the Wiener Holocaust Library for the duration of the anti-centennial, inviting audiences to engage with the international legacies of eugenics and reflect on what they mean for us today. In the current coronavirus pandemic crisis, it emphasises the need to review how myriad assumptions and attitudes rooted in eugenics continue to affect our world. Marius discusses the role this exhibition will play in this global anti-eugenics reckoning moment as it tours across Europe and America.
Tags: talk