September 26, 2021

4:35 pm - 5:45 pm

Pre-Convening Symposium: The Eugenics Tree, and the anti-Eugenics Witness Tree: The anti-centennial through tapestries

Judy Dow


Abenaki and French-Canadian artist, educator and basket-maker Judy Dow, shares her tapestries of the Second International Eugenics Congress eugenics tree, and the counterpart Witness Tree tapestries, and explains the global, local and personal significance of this moment, and the philosophy behind the tapestries. At a time when the world has been brought to a standstill by pandemic, this presentation looks at this moment globally as one of ‘passing through the narrows’, asking what it means to travel through this portal, what baggage we take with us, and who is considered worthy to experience the benefits on the other side. This journey requires us to face questions about how we confront eugenics today yet it also offers hope. As the tapestries demonstrate, like a tree, Anti-Eugenics draws from sources and transforms them into unity of mind and heart.

Tags: keynote