September 29, 2021

5:00 pm - 5:45 pm

Artist Showcase: Live with Ebony Noelle Golden, In The Name Of: The Mother Tree

Ebony Noelle Golden


A live sharing of new project.

In the Name Of: The Mother Tree

Imagine our world as a sanctuary—a brilliant, bioluminescent, biome for Black thriving. In this world, water is an infinite source of prismatic liberation.  Fueled by concepts of “generative apocalypse,” and Black feminist metaphysics, “In The Name Of: The Mother Tree” is a theatrical ceremony composed of procession, ritual, dance, music, and story.  The ceremony centers a congregation of “watercarriers,” who, after a catastrophic rupture, activate a polyphonic practice of prismatic world-making and communal repair in the wake of a new day.

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