September 27, 2021

11:35 am - 11:45 am

Artist Showcase: Honoring Indigenous Women

Joselyn Kaxhyêk Borrero


A Film by Joselyn Kaxhyêk Borrero [Tlingit/Dakl’áweidi (Eagle/Killerwhale) clan] naming and honoring 100 Indigenous Women. This micro-commission – originally produced for the Park Avenue Armory’s “100 Years | 100 Women” project – is a video tribute to Indigenous Women artists, scholars, and activists, who, as they navigate the current world health crisis, continue to be dedicated to women’s empowerment and the pursuit of gender and racial equality. “100 Indigenous Women” is produced in collaboration with the Kasibahagua Taíno Cultural Society and Roberto Múkaro Borrero.

Tags: Artist Showcase