September 29, 2021

1:40 pm - 1:45 pm

Artist Showcase: Memories of Other Worlds

Charlotte Brathwaite



Gives shape to the light

As light

Shapes the darkness


Gives shape to life

– Octavia Butler, Parable of the Sower

2020 will be remembered forever as a major turning point towards justice – a time when darkness and light collided, where life and death fell out of balance, when a call for new awakening sounded around the globe.  Souvenirs d’Autres Mondes (Memories of Other Worlds) is a visual meditation led by voices in Wolof, Totonaco, English, French and Spanish, a gentle call for transformation through new intimacy with self, others, nature and celestial realities outside of our own understanding.

My work celebrates those never meant to survive the ravages of slavery, genocide and the legacy of colonization that continues today. What I make honors the complexities of this human experience and so invites participants to acknowledge our shared legacies of pain and our capacity for joy. Using the body, image, sound, remembrance of the past, and a spirited acknowledgement of the truth, it celebrates solidarity and new possibilities for wholeness.

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