October 1, 2021

2:15 pm - 2:30 pm

Artist Showcase: Don’t Waste My Blood Sweat & Kiss Louder

Antoine Hunter


“Don’t waste my blood sweat”
A Black Deaf human seeks himself in society today witnessing both Black and Deaf & Black Deaf communities be oppressed-“No More Trouble” by Erykah Badu, a tribute to Bob Marley. This is the story of a Black Deaf human seeking himself to hold his community today as he sees, he witnesses and he feels his Black and Deaf communities being oppressed. Looking back as a teenager…He almost died from the cross fire of a Gang related shooting. While in middle of the shooting, he saw the person in the car who was shooting. The shooting must have happened already but he didn’t hear it or understand what he was feeling. Then the same day as Deaf person said he was not Deaf enough because his sign language was TOO BLACK. How does one keep his love for the community going? #PurpleFireCrow is born.

Kiss Louder

Kiss Louder is about loving yourself, a dedication to all those who are Deaf who wasn’t allowed to be Deaf

Choreographer: Antoine Hunter

Dancers: Antoine Hunter, Zahna Simon

Tags: Artist Showcase