Care and Safety

There will be a Care & Safety Response Team available at the convening to create a mechanism for anything that feels challenging or disrespectful. You can reach us at this email: careataep (at) gmail (dot) com. Things we would like you to take into consideration for our collective care and safety together: 

  • Welcome to our shared virtual space, you will be in a virtual room with other people even if you cannot feel their presence next to you.  Please know your registration permits that you will be able to enter each room; while no chat will be available between participants (you will be able to reach production staff)  
  • We will provide a clear schedule of the day and the agenda so people are informed and can make their own choices for programming; including coming and going as they please from the digital platform each day. 
  • We will meet access needs to the best of our capacity to value all lived experiences. 
  • Knowing the topic of eugenics, we will be using language that is not appropriate for today. There will be many ideologies and thoughts about this content so we are asking people to be intentional about how they share their beliefs in the space.
  • To all participants we invite you to see the big picture and that we are building a collective space that values an interdependence of thoughts, ideas, practices that will not always be in alignment.  We will need to depend on all of us, to create collective care and safety together. 
  •  Please know we are trying to move with respect and dignity for all experiences. That being said, something may be said that feels uncomfortable or disrespectful.  If you feel challenged by something and you need to bring your concern to the convening organizers, we welcome you to reach out to us and tell us about your experience so that we can explore strategies with you that center accountability and respect.