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Ebony Noelle Golden: Specter of Sunlight// FOR ELANDRIA WILLIAMS


Some of us no longer fight with guns. We are children of the sun. With revolution in mind, this is a visual ceremony. Here, I ask what it means for the hunted to haunt. I ask how the ghosted ghost with unavoidable light. Perplexing and obtuse. On purpose and never on cue. SPECTER OF SUNLIGHT// is a telling and a witnessing of how Black women multiply themselves to be many in the collective work and ritual of liberation. In intimate and impactful ways. Waking the earth beneath them. You hear? They are working on this side and the others. This work is a work that invites the “allness” of us. Legions of light-bringers that surround. Teeth glinted. A miracle in their eyes. This moment, I dedicate to my dear, too soon departed, sister of the heart Elandria Williams who took her last breath strategizing Black liberation.


Cast and Creative Team

Featuring: Jaimé Yawa Dzandu, Brooklyn, NY 

Vesta Kenyadah Walker, Queens, NY 

Audrey Elaine Hailes, Brooklyn, NY

Sanchel Brown, Baltimore, Maryland 

Sound Design: Petra Valoma, Berkeley California

Videography: Forever Photography, Ft. Worth, Texas

Additional Videography, Vir-Amicus, Bronx, NY

Photography, Marisol Diaz Gordon, NY, NY

Photography, Brandy Glover Fuller, Dallas, TX

Costume Designer: Dee Dee’s Street Boutique, Miami, Florida 

Dresses:Tara Daniels, Brooklyn, NY

Wardrobe Assistant: Mshairi Siyanda, Atlanta, Georgia

Choreography Mentor: Maria Bauman

Associate Choreographer: Jaimé Yawa Dzandu

Tour/Production/Stage Manager: Sará Abdullah, Brooklyn NY

Filmmaker/Creative Consultant: Southern Android Productions//Viktor. L Ewing Givens, Crockett, Texas 

Concept/Creator/Choreographer/Text: Ebony Noelle Golden

Artist Bio
Headshot of Ebony Noelle Golden

Ebony Noelle Golden is an artist, scholar, and culture strategist from Houston, TX and currently based in Harlem. She devises site-specific ceremonies, live art installations, creative collaborations, and arts experiments that explore and radically imagine viable strategies for collective black liberation. In 2020, Ebony launched Jupiter Performance Studio (JPS) which serves as a hub for the study of diasporic black performance traditions. JPS is integral to the development of a five-part theatrical ceremony that will be developed and produced over the next three years with partners in Harlem, Brooklyn, Durham, and Ashfield, Massachusetts. In 2009, Ebony founded Betty’s Daughter Arts Collaborative, a culture consultancy and arts accelerator, that devises systems, strategies, solutions for and with education, arts, culture, and community groups globally. Golden’s current projects include: Jubilee 11213 (in partnership with Weeksville Heritage Center and generously supported by Creative Capital, Coalition of Theaters of Color, and Black Spatial Relics), free/conjure/black, and In The Name Of (commissioned by Apollo Theatre and generously supported by Double Edge Theatre, Toshi Reagon, Network of Ensemble Theatres and Hi-Arts).